A youth football event unlike anything you have ever seen.


Featuring the top football players in the region, the Cascade Showcase was created to highlight the athletes that are making an impact both on and off the field for their programs.  Selections were merit based and highly competitive.  The program is free for the athletes thanks to the generous help from all of the supporting sponsors.  



The Cascade Showcase is built around highlighting the best football we as a state have to offer.  To do this, the Cascade Showcase was constructed with tried and true methodologies of play that have been developed at the NCAA and NFL levels, then distilled down for 8th grade students of the game.  

We have modified rules in this game to promote player safety above all else.  For example, there are no kickoffs.  Offenses will begin 1st-and-10 on their 25-yard line.  Other examples are restricting certain types of offensive formations, line stunting, etc.  

The spirit of the game is akin to what you see in the NFL with the Pro Bowl...the top players in the game coming together to showcase their talents with everyone walking away 100% healthy and happy, along with new lifetime-friendships, when the game is over.  That is why we are here and incredibly excited to show the entire country what football in the Pacific Northwest is capable of!

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